aponix vertical barrel – lego-like 3D growing componet for urban micro farming.


A conventionally equipped greenhouse can only be run in a profitable way if it has a cultivation area above 2000sqm. You will not find this much space in urban areas. Cultivation areas there will be any shape and location between 50sqm and 1000sqm and spread across the cities.
The aponix vertical barrel is the ideal component to set up these new production facilities – urban micro farms.


Circular economy
Urban micro farming equipment

Business Model

The aponix vertical barrel parts are the main product of aponix. It is already a working product sold in small quantities worldwide. Aponix manufactures and sells the parts in Germany. For an international rollout we are looking for retailers and manufacturing licensees.


Increase sales from Germany. Find licensees and partners to build working sales channels in foreign markets. Show the product at major tradeshows. Extend the DE patent and PCT announcement to EU, USA, BRICS etc. to protect future licensees.


Marco Tidona
E-mail: mt@aponix.eu
Web: www.aponix.eu

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