Climate friendly advertising that doubles your impact, and makes cycling profitable for bike riders.


bikuh connects the advertising industry with bicycle riders. Anyone owning a bike can place an advertisement on the front wheel and in return gets paid up to 20 cents for each ridden kilometre. Advertisers profit from mobile advertisements that are ridden directly by their target group. Through an app, bikuh tracks each ride providing data of the campaign exposure which is new to outdoor advertising.


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Business Model

With bikuh we created a multi-sided business model that has a triple win effect. The advertiser, the bike rider and the environment benefit. We do not only offer a new way of outdoor advertising, we also create more advertising space. Allowing more targeted exposure and better prices. Bike riders on the other hand are incentivized to ride, as they get paid per ridden kilometer. Thus saving CO2 emissions that would otherwise be produced through other transportation means.


In 2017 we will launch our own app (in May in Android and iOS app stores) and establish bikuh in Frankfurt am Main. Partnerships in several major cities are being established such as Berlin, Hamburg
in Munich in order to introduce bikuh in all these cities, latest by end of 2018.


Angela Gonzalez Pedrero

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