ChargeX – The smart power strip for electric cars


ChargeX – we develop a power strip to connect multiple electric cars to a single charging station. We hereby solve the problem of fully charged cars blocking a charging station. Our product allows a mostly automated plug-in process creating multiple charge points at low costs from a single charging station.



Business Model

Since we are developing a hardware product, our main focus is to sell our power strip to EV owners and infrastructure providers, such as car park operators. The value we create for users of electric cars is a high availability of charging stations wherever they arrive. For infrastructure providers, we increase the utilization of individual charging stations, therefore reducing the overall costs of providing sufficient charging infrastructure in the future.


Our main milestone for 2017 is to finalize our first prototype. Later in 2017 we will test our power strip with different types of electric cars and charging stations. Our plan from the business point of view is to get into the EXIST program, found our company and have the partners to start pre-production.


Michael Masnitza

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