Gelatex Technologies produces gelatin-based leatherlike eco-textile Gelatex that is cheaper and greener than real leather.


Gelatex Technologies produces gelatin-based textile. The team started to work on the idea in spring 2016 with the aim of making the textile industry more sustainable. The idea of using gelatin for the production of leatherlike textile grew out of the university research. We won Climate Launchpad competition and the company Gelatex Technologies was founded after that in November 2016 by two


Circular economy
Sewing industry

Business Model

There´s about 2 billion m2 of leather produced annually worldwide. The majority of it is chrome-tanned causing serious pollution, health problems and allergies. All eco-friendly alternatives are too expensive, hard to produce in big quantities or the material only looks but does not feel like leather. Gelatin is made of waste of meat industries (bones, skin) in gelatin factories. We supply it and use it to produce leatherlike textile Gelatex. The material is organic, it feels like leather, it is cheaper and greener than leather and can be easily produced in big quantities.


We plan to have the first ready-to-sew samples of the material by autumn 2017. This would enable us to get the first customers and pre-orders for the production. By the end of the year we wish to disclose funding of 100 000 Euro for further development and hiring new team members.


Mari-Ann Meigo

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