Revolutionizing the way people enjoy drinking pure water.


JOYCE is the world’s first scent-based retronasal drinking system which makes it possible to drink pure water – free from sugar, additives or calories – while enjoying a delicious taste. By tricking the brain into thinking that pure water tastes like lemon or a wide variety of other flavors we provide a healthy, delicious, convenient and environmental friendly product that even saves our customers money.



Business Model

We will generate two separate streams of income. One results out of selling the drinking system itself, the other one from continuously selling the aroma pods which last for about 20l of water. By selling the drinking system itself for the lowest price possible we aim to establish a “razor razorblade” business model and make our profit from selling the aroma pods. The main distribution channels will be our own online shop, amazon Launchpad and distribution partners such as “Globetrotter” or “Sport Scheck”.


Our drinking system is already protected by two utility patents and a trademark for the name JOYCE. We are currently working on a more extensive IP protection and plan to issue a EU patent as well as a EU
wide trademark in the next 3 months. To achieve entering the market around May 2018 we are seeking funds of 250k Euro in order to start production in reasonable quantities.


Jannis Koppitz

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