prosumergy makes solar power available for tenants in apartment buildings.


prosumergy acts both as a PV project developer and a green electricity provider (one-stop shop): we identify suitable operating sites, put up and run PV systems adjusted to local needs, and sell solar power directly to tenants. In other words, we plan PV systems optimised for on-site consumption on apartment buildings, have them installed by professional solar technicians, take care of operation and maintenance, and sell electricity directly on-site.



Business Model

For each project we employ a two-fold revenue model: on the one hand prosumergy receives a service fee for project development as a percentage of the total net investment from the respective investor. On the other hand, like other energy providers we receive monthly instalments from our end customers (tenants) whom we sell electricity to (via SEPA direct debit scheme). Additionally, we receive feed-in compensation from grid operators for surplus energy on a monthly basis.


First of all, we want to have more projects under contract. We see many opportunities to broaden the focus of our business model in terms of integrated energies: for example, the combination of PV with other energy sources, such as combined heat and power units, the marketing of excess energy within the surrounding neighbourhood, the integration of electric vehicles or the implementation of energy efficiency measure.


Lena Cielejewski

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