Recovering the untapped energy potentials in water pipe systems.


pydro was founded in August 2016 at the Hamburg University of Technology in Germany. The company‘s mission is to develop a pressure regulating micro turbine to exploit the untapped energy potentials in water distribution networks in water supply and industries.


Renewable Energy
Energy Efficiency
Clean Tech
Water Tech
Internet of Things

Business Model

Pressure reducing valves are installed in water pipe networks all over the world. Their only purpose is to reduce water pressure in the pipes. Our turbine functions as a pressure reducing valve but instead of „destroying“ the energy, it converts it into electricity. The turbine has adjustable blades with which it can control the pressure reduction and adapt to varying flow and pressure levels. The turbine is sold to water suppliers, industry parks and waterintensive industries.


  1. pilot partners in water supply and industries such as chemicals, food & beverages, pulp & paper etc.
  2. A seed investment to reach market entry
  3. Strategic partners for sales, R&D and production


Felix Müller

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