We offer a Really Easy measurement system to enable integration of REnewables and energy savings.


RExometer stands for Really Easy and eXtendable meter. We offer a service based on our measurement system to enable economic sensible integration of renewable energies.


Energy efficiency

Business Model

Our measurement system has been specially developed with the focus on being simple to install and mostly automatic to set-up. This allows it to be installed by virtually everyone, which results in higher flexibility of use, significant price advantage (no need to fly in specialists), increased sustainability. During the measurement, we can visualize the data in real-time and by this create additional customer benefits like pre-emptive maintenance of the energy system. Based on the data collected by our measurement system, we can then analyze and design the optimal economic renewable energy system.


Bring our product from prototype status to series-production readiness.
To realize a project with an energy supplier, which would allow
us to scale quickly.


Elias Dörre
E-mail: post@RExometer.com
Web: www.rexometer.com

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