SirPlus creates solutions to massively reduce B2B food waste.


SirPlus massively saves and reduces B2B surplus food by matching supply and demand efficiently through our secondary market (digital marketplace) for surplus food. We bring wonky and expired food back into the circular economy (B2C & B2B).
We start in Berlin with a same-day-delivery service and a food outlet store to sell the food we save to private customers and businesses.


Transport & logistics
Circular economy

Business Model

Food businesses like retailers, logistics players and producers have to dispose vast amounts of the food they cannot sell anymore. We receive surplus food from our partners in this sector for free and sell it at discount prices through our store, delivery and online shop. Of all food provided to us, we give 20% to NGOs for free. On the digital marketplace we will charge for SaaS fees and for transactions.


– start same-day-delivery service in Berlin
– open our food outlet store in Berlin
– start development on the digital marketplace for surplus food.


Raphael Fellmer

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